The Best Marketing Strategy

Corey Shelton, Founder & Owner

I was recently asked, “what is the best Marketing strategy”.

Before I answered their question, I started off by first clearly defining – in my opinion – what “marketing” truly is, as you can’t explain what you haven’t first defined.

I began my explanation by first encouraging them to think of marketing as a set of shared values between the goals of your business and the goals of your audience.

The best marketing strategy for YOUR BUSINESS is the one that takes into account the purpose of YOUR BUSINESS and aligns it with the goals of YOUR CLIENTS.

Thus the answer becomes there is no “Best Marketing Strategy”, rather there is only the “best” strategy for your business, at this time, for your audience, based upon the resources at your disposal.

While I don’t believe there is a blanket one-size fits all marketing strategy that works for every company, I do think there are a general set of questions you can ask yourself to help you find out what may work best for your company, in your situation.

With that said, think about marketing not as though your selling a product or service but instead think of it as though your marketing an experience.

While not a complete list, I’ve listed a few key questions you can begin to ask yourself to help you solve your own problem around what type of marketing strategy you should implement to build your brand and grow your business.

  • The plan for your business at a high level
  • What your *UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is
    • *Most people say USP (Unique Selling Proposition) but again I would recommend shifting your mindset to focus on adding value first, over trying to sell. When you add value to others, they’ll gladly line up to pay for your time and services.
  • How you would like to be perceived by your market
  • Who your market actually is
  • Who your competition is
  • Who are companies/people you can potentially form partnerships with
  • How your customers are using digital technology
  • What channels make the most sense for you to build on
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