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We help our clients increase their revenue, grow their brand awareness, and attract more qualified customers, so they can scale their business and reach greater levels of success and growth.

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Design & Development

Web Development

We go beyond just beautiful imagery, functional layouts, and eye catching colors to help you educate your clients and solve their pain points.

  • Beautifully optimized to provide a seamless Desktop, Tablet and Mobile experience
  • Built on WordPress to provide an easy and trusted platform for growth
  • Highlight your unique online brand and personality
  • Display your high level of expertise and professionalism to earn more money
  • Increase your potential reach
  • Enhance your credibility and build client rapport
  • Built using SEO best practices to help you get found faster

Sales Funnels

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or enterprise company, our sales funnels are designed to help you capture and convert leads into paying customers.

  • Start to finish automated experience to attract, engage, and convert leads
  • Content strategy that helps you establish credibility and build rapport
  • Advanced setup and training of automation software technology

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Develop An Engaging & Impactful Brand

Brand Development

Develop a powerful brand strategy to dominate your market, maximize your customer relevancy, and capitalize on your competitive uniqueness.

  • Identify and explain your “WHY” through unique and compelling brand stories that connect
  • Define your target audience and identify the unique qualities that set your brand apart
  • Establish expectations and convey the consistent and high quality value your brand
  • Effectively express the characteristics and emotions you want to associate with our brand
  • Create a memorable brand look and feel through logo, color, typography, voice, and tone

Graphic Design

Solidify your brand and stand out from the crowd using our beautiful, hand-crafted, and visually stunning designs to gain more business.

  • Target your audience in a way that is functional, attractive, and professional
  • Elegant, clean, high-quality designed collateral
  • Build your Brands identity through our easy to follow Brand Style Guide
  • Display your professionalism through consistent Digital and Print materials
  • Beautiful hand-crafted custom stationary materials
  • Stand out and stay memorable
  • Effective designs that will entice and convert you audience into paying clients

Basically, we’re like Spanx for your business – an easy-to-use solution that’s here to make you look better.


Captivate, Connect, and Convert

Marketing & Automation

Use our marketing super powers to target your ideal clients, generate qualified leads, and nurture your potential sales opportunities.

  • Define target audience
  • Develop a tactical plan to acquire, convert, and nurture your audience
  • Strategize and implement delivery of valuable content to build relationships
  • Prioritize step-by-step process to achieve success
  • Streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows to grow and scale
  • Increase audience engagement efficiency and generate revenue faster
  • Effectively implement proven lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing strategies
  • Systematize customer lifecycle and customer retention

Business Consulting

Achieve amazing results through proven strategies to increase revenue, create explosive growth, and generate long term success.

  • We provide guidance and support
  • Help you define your vision
  • Create accountability
  • Set challenging goals
  • Create a plan of action to achieve incredible results
  • Provide encouragement along the way to keep you going!

Do you keep asking yourself, “Why can’t I grow my business?”

Do you feel like you have all of the necessary pieces to be successful but need help with your process, strategy, work-flow, and tech setup to accomplish that success?

If you answered, “YES, THATS ME!”, then we’re a perfect fit. Let us help you grow your business and achieve your goals!

Our Process

Simple, Easy, and Effective


We help you identify your target audience and where your resources are best directed by establishing clear goals and objectives. We then develop a consistent approach and discuss how to covert leads into customers to help you stay competitive and grow your market share.


We believe design goes beyond just beautiful imagery, functional layouts, and eye catching colors. Our websites function as your live communication tool, enabling you to effortlessly connect with your audience to solve their pain points and earn their business.


We execute the agenda laid out in our approved strategy through creative, engaging campaigns and content. We develop all necessary content through mediums such as digital, print, web, sales funnels, and lead magnets to facilitate the success of your strategic goals.


We come together with you one last time to run a final review of the work we’ve done to ensure nothing has been overlooked and everything is branded to represent you. Once we receive your final approval we then activate and launch your new project into success.

Stop Waiting & Start Winning

This is our passion – we love helping our clients win!

We understand how hard you work and how passionate you are about growing your business. We get it – you’re obsessed with building an incredible business because you want to help others and you know how your work can impact the lives of your clients.

Heres the thing – if nobody knows about you, you can’t make money. You can build your business. And you can’t create the amazing life you want to live.

Ultimately you can’t do whats in your heart to do, which is to help people, make a lasting and positive impact on this world, and live an amazing lifestyle that provides security and freedom for both you and your family.

The good news, is that we’re here to help you. We’re here to help you build your brand, grow your business, and achieve your goals, so that you can live the life you want.

Working with our team is not only easy but it’s fun as we collaborate and work together to help you create a unique and compelling brand strategy that positions you as the authority and go-to thought leader in your market. Then we’ll take you to the next level by helping you grow your business online as we work with you to develop an impactful and engaging online presence through your website and social channels.

What’s even better is that we can help you do all of this without all of the overwhelming stress and burnout that can happen when you try to go at it alone.

Client Love

Working with Corey [and his team] was not only easy but it was fun. I had an extremely tight deadline I needed to have my logo and website finished by and Corey and his team definitely over delivered. He asked the right questions to help me determine the direction I should go and provided me with actionable steps I should take to start building my brand and business the right way. He always responded quickly to my questions, often times within an hour and he was flexible with my schedule. If you’re an entrepreneur or business who wants to build your brand online and you need a website or help with digital marketing, I would highly recommend Corey and his Digital Agency Lime Life Media. These guys are second to none and I can’t wait to work with them again! Thanks again, Corey.

Lamar Dunn

Fitpreneur, Lamar Dunn Fitness

The Lime Life Media team was such a blessing to work with from the beginning of my blog. They were passionate about helping me deliver my story through my website and they made it pleasing to the eye. Their work made me feel more confident in my blog and I was proud to launch it. Thanks, Corey and Team!

Christina Vozza


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