7 Simple Steps To Convert Traffic Using Your About Me Page

Corey Shelton, Founder & Owner

1. Know Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes Entrepreneurs and Business Owners make when writing their “About Me” page or section is that they start with the WHY and end up completely forgetting the WHO.

This means that before you even hit your first keystroke make sure that you know your audience and
understand who you’re talking to. The easiest way to ensure that you’re not neglecting your audience is to start with them in mind.

2. Be You, But Don’t Make It All About You

Constantly remind yourself why you’re even writing your “About Me” page.

At the end of the day, this isn’t for you, you’re doing this for your audience. When you keep that in mind, you’ll be able to focus on the key parts of your story that make the most sense to help your audience “feel” the way you want them to.

This isn’t meant to be some sort of black magic voodoo thing where you’re manipulating the reader, it simply means that there is most likely a singular message and feeling that you want to communicate about how great they’ll feel working with you because – let’s face it – you’re awesome and you can actually solve the headaches, issues, and problems that they need your help to fix their business or improve their personal life.

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3. Character & Values Over Ego

Remember that before people will pay for or buy your services and products they must first buy into you as a person. What this means is don’t be afraid to share the values that guide and drive you to do what you do in the way that you do it.

As Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, we can sometimes be afraid that we’re going to turn certain people off because our values may not align with theirs. From personal experience let me just say that it’s better for people to know and understand you and vice versa prior to working with them because the reality is not every person that falls in your market is going be your “ideal client”.

So make the choice to just be you and you’ll more than likely be pleasantly surprised to find out that being “YOU” is what separates you from you competition and more importantly what attracts your clients to you.

4. Facts Don’t Connect, Stories Do

Go beyond facts and stats. Share compelling stories.

What separates you from your competitor or someone else is most likely not your stack of awesome facts and stats.

While being able to state facts and provide awesome stats is great, people don’t connect with numbers, people connect with people. The most effective “About Me” pages tell compelling stories that infuse impressive facts and stats to support the emotional connection the writer – aka you – are trying to make with your audience.

Allow your “About Me” page to become a portal that transports the reader into who you are
as a person.

5. Use Social Proof To Build Trust And Establish Report

Be sure to incorporate Social Proof elements like Client Testimonials.

By adding these simple elements your audience can see the great things that other people like them have to say about you.

In doing so you’ll begin to show your audience how working with you is not only enjoyable and awesome but more importantly, how you’re the best and most ideal solution to solving the problem they want fixing. In essence adding elements of Social Proof like Client Testimonials begins to build trust between you and them, while also establishing a positive report.

6. Share Your Professional Journey

People connect with stories, so tell yours!

This doesn’t have to be some formal process, nor does it have to be in chronological order. The point here is to make your story interesting. More importantly, help your audience understand how you gained the experience, expertise, and knowledge you have in your field of expertise.

This way they can better understand what makes you the best solution to their problem.

7. Explain How You’ve Helped Others

Most of the time the client to professional relationship can be summed up like this: the client has a problem, you have a solution, the client wants your solution, there is a value exchange the client’s money for your solution…

It’s pretty simple, however, no prospective client wants to hear or read anything so clinical. To combat this sort of clinical, “matter-of-fact” approach; instead provide meaningful, real-life examples of the solutions you’ve provided your past clients.

For example, say you’re a digital marketer. You could tell a story in your “About Me” page that talks about how you helped one of your clients grow their business and sleep easier at night. You can talk about how you helped them implement a fully automated marketing solution that helps them generate and convert more qualified leads through engaging and automated nurture sequences.

In the above example your using an impactful story about how you removed the pain of your client and helped them maximize their resources. You’re also illustrating your unique skill and expertise as you talk about the automated process you set up to help them scale their business, better engage their audience, and convert more leads into clients by removing the manual processes they were previously using unsuccessfully.

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